Wednesday, January 23, 2013

1/28: The Repression of Psychoanalysis

Jacoby, Russell. “The Repression of Psychoanalysis” in The Repression of Psychoanalysis: Otto Fenichel and the Political Freudians.
Zaretsky, Eli. “Autonomy and Resistance” and “Charisma or Rationalization? U.S. Psychoanalysis in the Epoch of the Cold War” in Secrets of the Soul: A Social and Cultural History of Psychoanalysis.

Here is a breakdown of the Zaretsky for those who would like to be more choosy (though it does go by quite fast):
Autonomy and Resistance 163-174: ego and resistance as center of PSA, challenges
Autonomy and Resistance 174-192: decentralizing the psychoanalytic movement
Charisma or Rationalization 276-287: U.S. social reorganization and social theory
Charisma or Rationalization 287-306: medicalization and integrating psychoanalysis

Discussion questions to come later in the week.

PLEASE NOTE: We will be meeting in Harper 102 instead of our usual meeting place, 125. The time will still be 7pm on Monday night.


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